Receive Bonus Cash with every online purchase!

As a “thank you” to our web guests, we are offering $10 of free Bonus Cash with every online one-day ticket purchase and $20 for every online Season Pass purchase.(Exceptions Apply)*

Buy your ticket now and enjoy these attractions

These cashless funds will be available to you on a bar-coded wristband that can be used to make purchases at our shops, restaurants, and even locker rental. You can use the Bonus Cash anywhere in the park (but you can not use it to buy other tickets or season passes.) If you have Bonus Cash left on your wristband at the end of the day, just bring that band back on your next visit so we can transfer the value to your new band. Bonus Cash is valid throughout the 2017 season.

Add Cash

To add more cash to your band, purchase Alabama Adventure Cash at the ticket booth and use in addition to your Bonus Cash without having to have your wallet with you in the park.

$1 = $1 of Alabama Adventure Cash.